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Our Story

Where We Build Your Visions

Like most construction companies…. they all started with a person and their tools doing some work for their family.  Nothing new here either.

Kitchen & Bath Professionals was started over 35yrs ago… well, the curiosity to build things and the eagerness to learn about how to do them well.  I’m John, when my father started to get me helping him fix things around the house I was hooked.  I didn’t know I was going to do it as a profession, but I knew I’d always have a decent set of tools and a passion to fix things.

When I was done high school I wanted to keep learning so it was off to college.  I completed the 3.5yr Architectural Technologist course from Mohawk College and formally embarked on my path to gaining some in the field experience, before starting as it is now. I knew having the technical book smarts were an asset but I just needed to do the work.  So I worked for an engineering company, a  number of Home Builders and other construction companies, both commercial and residential, in a wide range of capacities.

All of that experience brought me to being very resolute in opening my own company, to provide the best quality product the client requested at a reasonable price.  Most importantly I try to ensure that there is a comprehensive line of communication and educate along the way where needed.

It’s actually quite simple to me… I want to bring your vision out and help you have that when we are done.

Our Approach

“the most expensive renovation, is the one you do twice”

You have worked hard for the ability to afford your renovation project and we respect that.  K&B-Pros will not be wasting your time with unrealistic low-ball pricing and then tacking on a ton of extras for a surprise final bill.  Our Proposal process is thorough and intuitive, giving you a final product you can depend on.  We have a customer portal for all our communication that is instant and up to date.   Your first experience with it will be through the online proposal documents…. and it will continue throughout the process. We are updating you often, with pictures and details where they are the most helpful.   You can see the scheduling, status of the project and even the weather from any device with a web browser and an internet connection.

Kitchen & Bath Professionals believes in giving you an enjoyable experience from start of design to turning the space back over to you upon completion.

What our clients will see

K&B Pros Existing Plan Example

Precise Plans for approval

We will start with measured drawings of your existing space. Then, through consultation from you, we will develop preliminary Proposal Designs to price the project. When the proposal is approved, We will be able to refine the initial design to show everything you want where you want it.

K&B Pros Client Portal Screenshot

Detailed Client Portal

No more misunderstandings. No more searching all your personal emails for that time you said you wanted Cloud White instead of Snow White. We provide a client portal that contains all communications and Selections in one easy place. We are all on the same page and you are in control.

K&B Pros Elevation Example

Detailed Elevations for Clarity

Every wall will be drawn in elevation to ensure clarity. It is so easy for 2 people to innocently misunderstand what the other is saying. Let’s prevent the mistake before it happens. You sill see everything you are asking for on paper before it goes into your living space.

We Provide the Best Service in the Industry​

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Online Access for Homeowners
Our simple online system makes it possible to access your project from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
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