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Kitchen & Bath Professionals have done pretty much everything through the years. From million dollar entire home reconstructions to a small powder room fixture upgrade. We have done hospital construction to custom home designs. Through all those experiences we have found that Kitchens and Bathroom remodeling to have the most profound effect on families. It can really change how you use a space, or just make a room more enjoyable. Whatever you are looking to accomplish, we will help you organize some magazine clippings and point form notes into a full and comprehensive set of drawings. Then we will schedule the process in a time frame that is realistic and attainable. Finally, K&B Pros will build it to your specifications with everything you want to have in your space.

What K&B Pros Bring to the Table

Meticulous Planning​​

Always better for one person to spend 2 hours on planning, than 3 people on site for an hour answering a question. Our typical drawing package for a bathroom or kitchen renovation is 10-12 pages. All of which you will see prior to work commencing.

Completion On Time​

There is an actual construction schedule on your project, with a start date, end date and a critical path. We don’t start until we have all your fixtures in our hands. Then we set a start date and work forward from there. We even start with a design schedule…imagine that.

Perfect Execution​

Nobody needs to be surprised with the end product. The biggest disappointments come from unmanaged expectations. Our quality of work is the same on any project, extremely high. But you won’t be wondering what you are getting, it’s clear from our planning.

Affordable Prices​

You are the only person in charge of your budget. We just need to know what that is. Otherwise, we can go back and forth a dozen times going in the wrong directions. Truth is, you can buy a decent toilet for $300 or $3000 and you are going to make that decision.

Our Specialization

Kitchen & Bath Professionals likes to believe that we specialize in communication. Most of the issues on a job stem from a misunderstanding or miscommunication. We are meticulous with following up conversations with drawings to make sure we are all explaining the same thing. Once we can agree on that, we request formal approval of documents before we move forward. We don’t leave your investment to guess work.

Kitchen Renovations

It’s all about design. Everyone has a different idea of how to use their space. Social needs for entertaining must be tempered with the every day use of the space. We will help to guide you to the kitchen that you will happily sit in to have your morning routines unfold. If it means removing a wall or just relocating the stove for a more efficient space, we will make it happen.

Bath Renovations

The scope of this is always different. Is it a public part of the house or private. Is it servicing a single room as an ensuite or the main bath on the main floor of a bungalow. Your needs for storage and convenience of use are always a balancing act. Navigating this challenge can be daunting without some experience. K&B Pros are here to lend ours to you.

Basement Renovations​

Adding some living space to your house. Often the is a big bang for the buck investment. Much cheaper than an addition and can help the rest of the house be more usable as well. Often we assist people in planning this new space to complement the existing house use. A springboard to future upgrades in the house with some foresight and design.


Many options here. Whether it is a deck and outside kitchen or a multi-story addition with bedrooms, living space and a complete basement, we can make it happen. We have completed numerous full renovations and additions of 5000+ft2 all the way down to a 120ft2 deck. K&B Pros will provide the same attention to your needs no matter the size of the project.

Project Management

Every project that we do requires us to develop 2 schedules. Initially we provide a design schedule with a number of meetings and consults to determine all the fixtures, materials and colours for your project. Once you have made all your selections and we confirm possession of the items, we will release the construction schedule that will guide us to completion.

Interior Design​

With all of our projects we deliver a comprehensive building package of drawings. With that is included plans and elevation for a variety of items. Additionally we can also provide full 3D renderings and even walk throughs, with all of your selections displayed where they would apply. The depth to which we will provide design work is full up to you.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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